Happy new year! Highlights from last year

  • The two master theses using CLASS4GL have been successfully defended:
    1. “Soil moisture influence on convective triggering and its temporal dynamics in different climate regions” by Vicky Meulenberg (Wageningen University & Research): CLASS4GL has been used to identify dry and wet soil advantage regimes for convective triggering in contrasting climate regions.
    2. “Heatwaves in urban areas: analysis of the main drivers” by Joke De Meester (Ghent University): CLASS4GL was upgraded with an urban land parameterization and applied using Microwave Temperature Profile data to study the urban boundary layer effects of climate adaptation measures for Moscow mega-city (pdf).
    Congratulations to the graduates!
  • PhD candidate Jasper Denissen is deploying CLASS4GL to quantify critical soil moisture levels (transition point between energy-limited regime and water-limited regime for Earth’s surface evaporation) from weather balloon observations. He is doing this work for the project ‘Multivariate Analysis of Land-Atmosphere Interactions in a Changing Climate’ at the Max Planck Institute of Biogeochemistry.
  • A global assessment using CLASS4GL of the impact of land dryness on the health threatening nature of hot spells was presented during the DRY–2–DRY workshop at Ghent University. More news on this study will appear soon.

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