STEP 1: Start the gui explorer

As in your first experiment (or after running parallel simulations), start the interface first:

ipython -i $CLASS4GL/interface/ -- \
  --c4gl_path_lib $CLASS4GL \
  --path_forcing $CLASS4GL_DATA/forcing/IGRA_PAIRS_20190515/ \
  --path_experiments $CLASS4GL_DATA/experiments/IGRA_PAIRS_20190515/ \
  --experiments " BASE "

You can now display your data with:


NOTE: This requires X11 to be activated

STEP 2: Select station or sounding

You can pick the first sounding of a station from the map with the mouse pointer, but you can also pick one using the python console:

c4gldata['BASE'].sel_station(74560) c4gldata['BASE'].plot()

Use the buttons to navigate between records (simulation days) or stations, or use the equivalent commands in the python console